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Building a Two-Tiered Affiliate Web Site

Setting up two-tiered affiliate site templates

A two-tiered site is the simplest of designs utilizing detail pages for individual products, and a single index page for category navigation from the main page.

Normally, one would build an index page containing links to all of the detail pages. WebMerge does all of this for you once you have set up your detail template, index template, and saved the WebMerge settings file. The use of two-tier design is rather limited for affiliate use, as only the smallest of feeds should be attempted. This is because the index page simply grows too large, having to contain links to all of the detail pages.

Fig. 1 Two-Tiered Site Hierarchy
Fig. 23 - Two-Tiered Site Hierarchy

One each, of the setting, detail, and index file are required to create this type of site structure.

TIP: Please see the required file matrix for files and categories required for the Two-Tier design...

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