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Sources Tab

Once the data feed file has been selected and the settings file named and saved, WebMerge needs to understand the best way to read the data feed file information. This is a simple process handled from the Sources tab in WebMerge. The Sources tab in WebMerge is the interface to specify which exported data file to use and how that file is to be read.

Select the Exported File first (see Setting Up WebMerge for Affiliates), or the user choices will be grayed out.

"First line of file contains field names"
This box should be checked by default, if not go ahead and check it. If your feed does not contain Field names, WebMerge can add them for you automatically, however this is not recommended for affiliate web sites.

The presets drop-down menu is provided so that you can identify the type of data feed file you are using for WebMerge. If you select the correct type, you can avoid manually setting the delimiter and quoted text value options.

TIP: After selecting the type of file preset, you must change the delimiter or quoted text value option, the preset then resets itself to "none." This is normal behavior; those other options can be manipulated manually. You may skip the preset selection option entirely and tell WebMerge what type of delimiter is represented in the data feed file, and adjust the setting manually (see below). WebMerge should recognize the type of delimiter used in the file automatically.

First identify the type of delimiter used. For example, if the data feed file was saved earlier as a pipe delimited file in MS Excel, then selecting "pipe" in both of the "Delimiters" is necessary. Similar to MS Excel, the data should be neatly organized in the preview window. If the proper delimiter is not selected, the data in the preview window will appear on a single-line, instead of appearing as rows, with a Field name for each row.

Text Values are in Quotes:
It is very likely that most or all of the text values in the data feed file are in quotes. Accordingly, the "Text Values are in Quotes" box should be checked. This can confirmed by checking and un-checking the box, while viewing the description field in the preview window. The double-quotes should appear and disappear, as the boxes are checked and unchecked. If a box is left un-checked, and WebMerge runs, building pages, double-quotation marks will be present in the description fields of the completed web pages.

Figure 1 Preview Window
Fig. 11 - Preview window on the Sources Tab in WebMerge.

Sorting your data:
WebMerge can optionally sort the data before generating pages, with the "Sort Records by field" check box, and menus (See Figure 12, below). This is useful if the contents of an index page need to be in a particular order (for example alphabetical). It will be easier for your site visitors to navigate or "look up" product information if it is in some kind of order.

Figure 2 "Sort Records by (selection)
Figure 12 - "Sort Records by..." (selection), on the Sources Tab

For example, sorting the records by "NAMES" (or whatever the product name field is named in the data feed file) would mean index pages will display products in order alphabetically by the name of the product.


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