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WebMerge Generation Tab

Settings on the WebMerge Generation tab allow automation of many tasks in building a web site. For example, WebMerge can automatically upload the completed files to your web server.


WebMerge can automatically upload the completed files to your web server. To enable this feature, check the box FTP Files to Server. Then select Edit List... from the drop down menu.

Figure 1 - FTP files to server
Fig. 21 - FTP Dialog

Once selected, the FTP server settings box appears, allowing changes to the settings required to upload files to your web server. After WebMerge builds the site specified in the main settings file, it will automatically log in and upload the files specified in the Root Folder selection. Some experimentation may be required to fine tune the settings for the web site and server.

Automating the Multi-Tier Process
When building a three-tier web site, two settings files are required. One can run these manually, and separately by selecting the first settings file, and have WebMerge complete the first tier index page(s), then by manually selecting the second settings file, and complete the last index tier, and detail pages.

However, WebMerge provides an automated way to accomplish this task. On the Generation tab in WebMerge, click on Run Other WebMerge Files After This One Completes, and select the next settings file, WebMerge will run the first settings file one time to start the process, and automatically run the next Settings File. This tool's true value really comes out when it is time to make your process run quickly each time you need to build the site.

More than one additional settings file can be selected to be run automatically, if an unusual configuration is required, or you are building additional tiers (four, five or more).

Figure 2 - Run other WebMerge files after this one completes
Fig. 22 - Run other WebMerge files...

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