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WebMerge FAQ


Why do you have this section of your web site?

Web-Procreate has put together this tutorial and information to help affiliate users

Are the WebMerge instructions for beginners or advanced users?

The tutorials are designed so that anyone can benefit from them.  If you're new to Data Feeds, then you should start at the beginning in order to understand data feeds.  Those with more experience, may want to start out with preparing your template.  We highly recommend ALL users read the entire set of instructions in order to understand the terms and structure used to design sites.  Furthermore, jumping directly into building tiered sites may be confusing without first understanding basic concepts used at the beginning of the tutorial.

What will I find here that can help me use WebMerge?

Information here includes description of data feeds commonly available from merchants, how to prepare the data feeds for use with the 4W product called WebMerge, how WebMerge works, preparing WebMerge templates, and examples of multi-tier web designs using WebMerge.

I just started out as an affiliate, are data feeds a good idea to start out with?

Generally speaking, data feeds are definitely for the serious affiliate, and they do require some knowledge of the relationship between the affiliate, the network(s), and merchants.

I know nothing about html, programming, or building a web site, is this for me?

While using WebMerge is not difficult, it is not for the total beginner.  Some knowledge of html, web site design, and how the internet works is required.  Don't fear though, our tutorial explains data feeds at the beginner level, so you'll have a good start.  There are many resources on the Internet for learning web-design, and affiliate marketing.  A little time invested understanding these items will be of benefit, and give you a good foundation using affiliate data feeds.

I know how to design web sites, and I know a little html, but I am not a programmer, can I easily use WebMerge?

Yes!  With our tutorial, you can have your data feed driven site up and running quickly.  Unlike PHP, Perl, and cgi scripts, no real knowledge of programming is required to build data feed sites with 4W WebMerge.  WebMerge was created for you.

Is WebMerge worth the price being asked?

Absolutely.  With more pages published, more of those pages will likely end up being indexed by search engines, with more of your pages available in search results you'll end up with more targeted traffic.  And with more targeted traffic, you'll get more sales.  Pretty simple when you think about it.

Is there a section of your web site that covers scripts?

Not at this time, however we're thinking about it, after all, integrating PHP and other scripting languages with your web site, or a site built with WebMerge has become more important in order to be competitive.

Is an XML feed the same as the feeds used by WebMerge?

Generally speaking - no.  XML is a very powerful tool for integrating web site data, but is handled differently than building static pages with WebMerge.  Web-Procreate has plans to have a section dedicated to XML in the future - stay tuned!