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Let's Talk About Books

Warning, personal opinions to follow. Okay, now that I've got that out of the way, let me tell you about my reading habits.

"Where do I get my books?" you ask. "I get them from Amazon, mostly," I say.

So that's how the conversation about books starts. I also like the other major online bookseller (who happens to have a brick & mortar presence at the local mall). And when at the mall, I go in there and get a drink, and sometimes buy. The the real workhorse book place for me is Amazon. Simply put, they make it easy to buy books. Search what you are looking for, and it pops up on the screen. If new books aren't available, they offer used books from other sellers. The pricing is competitive, and I just know to start typing "Amaz" into my browser, and I am there.

You try it...


What About that Kindle Reader Thing?

Does that Kindle thing work?

Yes, Kindle works! I waited until last month to buy one, thinking that the technology needed perfecting. Well, it works great. I personally recommend the Kindle Touch. It's light, so that I can read in bed. It works in broad daylight, in fact, it likes light. I can take it to the pool, or sit buy a window and read. Has WiFi, so I can get books delivered quickly and easily. Lastly, I can connect it to my computer and add content to it myself. The best part, is that I just described the inexpensive non-color Kindle.

The Kindle Touch is the easiest-to-read electronic device I have ever used. One can go online with the Kindle, or via your computer or mobile, and purchase a book - literally in seconds. The book is immediately delivered wirelessly to your Kindle. This part really satisfies my need to for immediate gratification. If I see or hear about a book, magazine or newspaper, I can be reading it a few moments later. And, did I mention the battery lasts for days on a single charge?!

It's worth the price (way under a hundred-bucks), click here to check it out...


I very rarely give ringing endoresments, but this one was easy.


Tools at Amazon, with Your Brands in Stock.

Check these prices and compare with Lowes and Home Depot. So worth it. If you have Amazon Prime, you won't pay any shipping, and it gets there so fast.