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About WebMerge

WebMerge is an application created by Fourth World technologies, allowing users to convert database records to HTML. Many thousands of web pages can be created in a few seconds with WebMerge. WebMerge is available for Microsoft Windows and Mac.

This tutorial will walk you through the steps required to generate web pages, with a special focus on pages created for affiliate marketers, who need to present product information, including descriptions, customer reviews, up to date pricing and images of the product.

WebMerge works with any database or spreadsheet output, including FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Access, Excel, and AppleWorks. WebMerge takes the output from any application or database that provides an export in tab-delimited, pipe-delimited, comma-delimited, or other tabular format.

Customizing the look and feel of finished web pages is simple and straightforward. Building the final web pages is uncomplicated and automated. Templates are designed by users, and can provide for customization on many levels by adding images and scripting ability like JavaScript, and interactive content like AJAX and customized SEO ready text. The final, formatted pages are ready to upload, based on the content you choose, with information consistently and accurately supplied by your database. Whatever one can imagine for a series of web pages, can be realized using WebMerge, giving the web page designer plenty of room for SEO enhanced content.

WebMerge also creates index pages with links to each detail page further down the link structure. Generated pages can be hosted on any web server, without the need for a specialized database hosting solution. No scripts need to be uploaded to your web site to allow WebMerge to function and generate pages.

WebMerge generates pages immediately, using built-in templates. However, this tutorial has been published to help you customize your own pages with the look and feel of your web site. You can utilize your existing web site HTML, by adding a few WebMerge Tags, or start from scratch. In fact, virtually any HTML document can be used as a template for WebMerge to ensure the look and feel required.

Multi-tiered affiliate web sites can easily be built with WebMerge. This tutorial, will guide you through every step of the process in creating a fully navigable affiliate web site utilizing a data feed from a merchant. Multi-Tiered web sites for affiliates, allow users to "drill down" into lower categories of products, providing paths for search engine spiders follow to your content.

New features in WebMerge, include support for multi-column index page layouts, a new WM-FieldInclude tag which lets you insert a text file or HTML file referenced by a path in your field data, a Tag Maker allowing you to visually choose the tag you need - then paste it directly into your template. Enhanced support for JavaScript and CSS are also new.

WebMerge requires no DLLs, extensions, CGIs, or other components. Everything needed to start generating pages is included in one easy-to-install, and use application. Again, no scripts need to be uploaded to your web server to build great content for the web.

A wide variety of businesses, universities, and other organizations rely on WebMerge daily, ranging from Web designers to the US Library of Congress. Affiliates have begun using WebMerge to handle the ever-changing requirements of merchant data feeds. Most customers tell us that WebMerge paid for itself with the first month's earnings.